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Micro Living and Design Possibilities by Heidi Mergl Architect

The design possibilities for micro living / houses appear endless, however they are rarely found as proper living spaces, homes so to speak. While researching for my next blog post, after having promised you more house and detail designs in three posts ['small footprint homes'prefabricated timber modules' and 'small bathroom design'], I found that small and self-sustained living is the solution for buildings in rural areas. Yes, indeed like the cabin in the woods. 

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Bedroom design with a view out - perspective interior sketch by Heidi Mergl Architect
Bedroom design with a view out - perspective interior sketch


Nature will embark on another circle soon and the season helps me to catch up on some valuable sleep. And since I was designing  some living spaces for my blog lately I designed this minimalist and multipurpose bed as well. 

It's basically a bed but rather than stopping there this design picks up some of the must haves for my bedroom. As such you can, of course, just lay down for a good snooze but this piece of furniture also incorporates a lot of other features. 


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Iterative Design Process Diagram by Heidi Mergl Architect
Iterative Design Process Diagram


Dream houses are everywhere or so it seems, when starting an adventure like this it is often overwhelming and everywhere you look you find things you would like to include in your house. Well, let me just say there is nothing wrong with a good big dream, nothing wrong with taking this as an inspiration but designing to your needs, to suit your lifestyle and requirements can't stop there. Here is some guidance to the design of your house so it becomes your dream home. ... read on 

Modern open plan living around an efficient room divider by Heidi Mergl Architect
Isometric diagram indicating the semi and private spaces in this modern open plan house


Yes, indeed it is the room divider from a few weeks back which I wanted to take and use it in a totally different context -  this time probably all the other way around. Rather than adding it into a Victorian terrace house to open up the floor plan - I came up with a house design around the efficient room divider after my own heart. 
And the house couldn’t be more different compared to a Victorian terrace – a modern home with floor to ceiling windows facing east, south and west. 

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Current Projects - as associate architect at WilkinsonEyre

18 Blackfriars Road - Project by WilkinsonEyre
18 Blackfriars Road - Project by WilkinsonEyre

18 Blackfriars Road, London

Located close to the south bank of the River Thames, surrounded by streets on three sides and benefiting from an existing park with mature London plane trees and a listed church towards the south.


 The demolition of the existing buildings on the site has already been completed based on the previous planning consent from 2008. The revised proposals include a 180m tall residential tower with 227 units, a hotel with 550 rooms, 61 affordable apartments and an office building with 24,000sqm of internal space.


The massing is allocated around the edges of the site to allow for a large public square in the centre. Various breaks of the buildings at street level ensure permeability and pedestrian flows through the site and public realm.


CIBC Square, Toronto, Canada

Located between the downtown core and Lake Ontario are three sites south, north and above the train tracks into Union Station that have been developed as part of this project.


The first phase of the development will see the construction of the southern tower, podium and sky park. The podium contains the main entrance lobby, sky-lobby, amenity and operational spaces as well as a new bus station over two levels.



The main plaza addresses Bay Street and parking and loading facilities are provided within the three basement levels. Internal connections to the PATH network, LRT and Union Station ensure excellent accessibility making the site an ideal location for a sustainable high rise with a height of 250m.

The glazed facade is slightly folded, creating a diamond pattern adding vertical scale and modulation to the high rise in contrast to the surrounding buildings.

CIBC Square - Project by WilkinsonEyre
CIBC Square - Project by WilkinsonEyre