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Interior Layout · 14. December 2018
The name 'multi-functional room divider' sounds so boring even though it is a wonderfully adaptive design element which you can make truly yours while saving building costs. I have been talking about a multi-functional room divider a couple of times now, first converting a Victorian terrace floor plan, then in a modern home and lastly the divider separated the home office from the more private spaces in the same modern home. So I think it's time to work on some design options now!
Home Building 101 · 30. November 2018
Sunshine, not just natural light but also amazingly powerful heat! Yes, it is that time of the year, wind and weather is raging outside and we sun lovers seek to get some warming rays of sunshine. We talked already about natural light sources and I want to revisit this topic and add, how the heat generated has an impact on our living comfort and how it can help to make our buildings more sustainable. Well, let me show you how we can make it work even with little sunshine during the cold days.

Home Building 101 · 23. November 2018
Timber, or shall we say wood, one of the warmest materials available for finishes and building construction is also easily one of the most sustainable materials in the world – because it naturally grows and can be forested as required … as it just keeps growing back if managed properly. With new tools, like cnc cutters, and top notch craftsmanship there are also many new opportunities to give this very traditional material a new shine.
Interior Layout · 26. October 2018
Work is what we do and even though we are not just all about work, we most likely love what we do. We tend to work from everywhere since our phones and tablets are mini command centres and working from home seems to be the direction to go, however that means a well-lit and thought-through space at home becomes more important. My modern home design with multifunctional room divider posted a couple of weeks back could be the perfect opportunity.

Home Building 101 · 19. October 2018
Dream houses are everywhere or so it seems, when starting an adventure like this it is often overwhelming and everywhere you look you find things you would like to include in your house. Well, let me just say there is nothing wrong with a good big dream, nothing wrong with taking this as an inspiration but designing to your needs, to suit your lifestyle and requirements can't stop there. Here is some guidance to the design of your house so it becomes your dream home.
Home Building 101 · 21. September 2018
Just looking at the definition of the word sustainability - it is defined as the ‘avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance’. Over the coming months I am going to share some tips and tricks relating to making the most of sunlight, energy efficient building forms, using thermal mass, smart materials, renewable energies and so on. First up, how to design your building with sun and daylight in mind!

Interior Layout · 14. September 2018
Yes, indeed it is the room divider from a few weeks back which I wanted to take and use it in a totally different context - this time probably all the other way around. Rather than adding it into a Victorian terrace house to open up the floor plan - I came up with a house design around the efficient room divider after my own heart. And the house couldn’t be more different compared to a Victorian terrace – a modern home with floor to ceiling windows facing east, south and west....
Home Building 101 · 07. September 2018
Prefabrication – as the title says – pre-fabricating elements, ideally producing the same pieces over and over again to, basically, save money. Yeah industrialization, you can imagine us architects raising our eyebrows, using the same elements really constraints the design. Well, but time moves on, technology is getting better but do I need to say more there is 3D printing around! Furthermore, I am working on some small house designs and started reading up on this prefab fabulosity.

World Architecture · 24. August 2018
About 4 and a half years ago I started working on this amazing project as part of the architects team at Wilkinson Eyre which will add a landmark to the skyline of Toronto. Location wise it sits directly opposite Union Station, pictured above. My team and I were first of all looking after the design and detailing of the facades and tower core. This impressive project is now under construction, ...
World Architecture · 10. August 2018
Busily working on various tower proposals in the UK and abroad at the moment - tall buildings are clearly one way to tackle the population increase in big cities. With more and more people relocating to metropolitan areas high rise provide dense inner-city development. And the efficient use of limited space does not just make sense economically.

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