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World Architecture · 26. July 2019
It's been a while and since I have been to the site in Canada last week I wanted to share a brief update from Toronto, so here are some impressions from site. Excited to see this one growing tall - the concrete core is pushing ahead with the floors and facade following suit. It has been a soggy Wednesday but the clouds and rainwater provided some atmospheric shots and reflections.
World Architecture · 24. August 2018
About 4 and a half years ago I started working on this amazing project as part of the architects team at Wilkinson Eyre which will add a landmark to the skyline of Toronto. Location wise it sits directly opposite Union Station, pictured above. My team and I were first of all looking after the design and detailing of the facades and tower core. This impressive project is now under construction, ...

World Architecture · 10. August 2018
Busily working on various tower proposals in the UK and abroad at the moment - tall buildings are clearly one way to tackle the population increase in big cities. With more and more people relocating to metropolitan areas high rise provide dense inner-city development. And the efficient use of limited space does not just make sense economically.