Inspiration · 07. June 2019
Summer! Time to create a living space outside! I just love the outdoors and feel so lucky to have a little bit of outdoor space in London that I just want to make good use of it. I am a bit in-between ideas. The eco-conscious person is calling to create a veggie garden while on the other hand I am, or better we are, just looking for a place to relax and have a nice BBQ. Anyhow, point being I started to collect some inspiration on my Pinterest board and thought I share my best finds with you
Inspiration · 10. May 2019
I recently went to Germany to catch up with family and friends but also to take in the fresh and energizing air of the national forests and seasides over there. Well, as you maybe can guess, it didn't take long and I found myself snapping away textures, surfaces and abstracts which inspired me and soon after I was contemplating about the appeal. I have been talking about it in my previous blog posts, facade and structural elements are details I am surrounded with all day but interiors and so on

Inspiration · 22. February 2019
Inspiration comes from everywhere but especially from travelling so here are my recommendations for spending three days in New Orleans. No worries, the city is marvellously relaxed so this is more or less a laid back travel guide for design and architectural enthusiasts, but who isn't?!
Inspiration · 18. January 2019
One last look back - here are your favorite nine images of my instagram feed of last year. What a mixture of dynamic architecture and abstract patterns, just as I like it. No surprise are the architectural masterpieces which are completed with geometric patterns - giving depth and inviting to dream away.

Inspiration · 04. January 2019
Welcome 2019, it’s been a fantastically quiet break for me this year and as noted in my last blog post of 2018 I have tried myself at switching off – leaving social media and the internet of things aside for a few days. I have to say my favorite gift this Christmas was a great help along the way – a 3d sketching pen and inspirational art deco skyscrapers.
Inspiration · 31. August 2018
It is on an inspirational, personal and creative side that I write this post today. You see, it is an important part of my life to be surrounded by creatives from all sorts of areas, be it from a photographic, sculptural or architectural background. No wonder that I know and sometimes work with artists like PASiNGA and bloggers from even those areas of interest, the input we give each other drives us all. ...

Inspiration · 03. August 2018
Solid but transparent, The 18th Serpentine Pavilion. Set in the beautiful Kensington Gardens Frida Escobedo creates a series of interlinked and intimate spaces using cement roof tiles, not for the roof but the vertical surfaces of the pavilion.
Inspiration · 27. July 2018
Having a couple of days off to recharge and challenge myself with a bit of quick creative thinking. Walking the little streets of Margate in the UK became an endless feed of potential. However, there was this one property which did not leave my mind. While I just had a quick look around the outside and took a snap with my phone the feeling of the area, and sadly missed opportunities in this area altogether, with empty shops all around, just wouldn't let me stop thinking about it.

Inspiration · 13. July 2018
Inspired by geometric lines and perspectives as well as the abstract patterns they create. I am always intrigued how impressive they shine when made visible in monochrome shades. Usually I share those images on instagram and you are of course welcome to follow but I thought why not share a selection on my new blog as well.
Inspiration · 13. June 2018
Welcome to my first blog post ever - I am Heidi Mergl, an Associate Architect, based in London and look forward to share some of my thoughts, experience and designs in this blog.