Conceptual Ideas - From Furniture to High Rise Developments

Architectural Case Studies

Port of History, Hamburg, Germany


The proposal for a harbour museum in Hamburg regenerates three of the oldest sheds in the historic port. They are only utilized to a very minimal extent and inserting new exhibition and event spaces will give them a new lease of life. Based on the footprint of the fourth shed, no longer on site, new facilities provide office, workshop, and research spaces. Old and new are linked by two bridges at the centre of the site where the auditorium is connected with a 360 degree cafe overlooking the docks.

Vertical Sculpture, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Extending the high rise core of Frankfurt to the east this sculptural skyscraper creates an identity for the hotel within and the evolving art scene taking over the industrial area surrounding the site.


The hotel rooms are modular containing various fit out options accommodating a wide range of users.