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18 Blackfriars Road - Project by WilkinsonEyre
18 Blackfriars Road - Project by WilkinsonEyre

18 Blackfriars Road, London, UK

Located close to the south bank of the River Thames, surrounded by streets on three sides and benefiting from an existing park with mature London plane trees and a listed church towards the south.


The demolition of the existing buildings on site has already been completed based on the previous planning consent from 2008.


The revised proposal include a 180m tall residential tower with 227 units, a hotel with 550 rooms, 61 affordable apartments and an office building with 24,000sqm of internal space.


The massing is allocated around the edges of the site to allow for a large public square in the centre. Various breaks of the buildings at street level ensure permeability and pedestrian flows through the site and public realm. 

CIBC Square, Toronto, Canada

Located between the downtown core and Lake Ontario are three sites south, north and above the train tracks into Union Station that have been developed as part of this project.


The first phase of the development is currently under construction and includes the southern tower, podium and sky park. The podium contains the main entrance lobby, sky-lobby, amenity and operational spaces as well as a new bus station over two levels.


The main plaza addresses Bay Street, parking and loading facilities are provided within the three basement levels. Internal connections to the PATH network, LRT and Union Station ensure excellent accessibility making the site an ideal location for a sustainable high rise with a height of 250m.

The glazed facade is slightly folded, creating a diamond pattern adding vertical scale and modulation to the high rise in contrast to the surrounding buildings.

CIBC Square - Project by WilkinsonEyre
CIBC Square - Project by WilkinsonEyre

Additional key projects in the United Kingdom

Battersea Power Station Phase 1 - Project by simpsonhaugh
Battersea Power Station Phase 1 - Project by simpsonhaugh

Battersea Power Station Phase 1, London, UK at simpsonhaugh

The first phase of the 75ha large masterplan around the iconic Battersea Power Station realised 750 residential apartments on 17 storeys.
The ground floor provides beside the main entrances, amenity spaces for the residents including theatre and gym, retail and office space. The podium volume ties all nine residential blocks together. These are expressed on the elevations with the help of vertical green slots where the lift lobbies are positioned. The massing is also broken down horizontally to fit in with the scale of the building in the area.

Three Quays, London

at 3DReid

Luxurious residential and serviced apartments in the city centre of London – 140 units directly on the north bank of the River Thames and next to the Tower of London.


The main entrance and retail spaces on the ground floor are supported by one basement floor. The residential units are allocated on nine floors and arranged in plan to maximise the number of units with a view towards Tower Bridge and across the river. The facade materials were selected carefully and agreed with the planning authority and Historic England due to the close proximity to the world heritage site of the Tower of London.

Three Quays - Project by 3DReid
Three Quays - Project by 3DReid